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Inviting a Client to use Mi-Gateway

  1. A broker’s client can be invited to register on Mi-Gateway so that they can view their documents and edit their personal details.  Follow these simple steps to invite your clients to register on the Mi-Gateway website.
  2. Log in to Mi-Gateway then go to the Clients tab.Screenshot - 2017-07-17 09.10.49.png
  3. Scroll down to your list of clients and either select the Edit Client button for the client you wish to invite or select the invite button directly from the grid.
  4. Once you have entered the edit client screen you will see an “Invite” button. Read the explanation for more information on this feature.
  5. Next to the invite button there is a an Invite Status that shows whether a client has been invited or has accepted the invite. Screenshot - 2017-06-21 11.08.51
  6. Click the invite button to send the invite to the client. When you next edit the client you see that the status is now Invited.
    Screenshot - 2017-06-21 11.10.40
  7. Your client will receive the invite email. Within the email is a link to a client registration page. The client has to simply click on “here” which will then take the client to the registration page.Screenshot - 2017-07-17 09.14.45.png
  8. Once there, the client will be able prompted to change their password .Screenshot - 2017-06-21 11.49.43
  9. Once the client has completed the registration process, they will be able to view their documents and mandates and be able to update their personal details.Screenshot - 2017-06-21 11.51.17
  10. If you edit the client that you invited you will now see that the invite status is Accepted. Note that the invite button is now disabled. It will be re-enabled if the clients email address is updated and saved.
    Screenshot - 2017-06-21 13.17.11