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Performance Fix for Client files with lots of Reviews.

We have implemented a new feature that fixes the performance problem when you load a file with lots of reviews. This feature allows you to convert your reviews to light weight review summaries. A review summary keeps the original reports but when saved gives you a substantial performance gain as far as load times go.


This feature will take all old reviews and converts them to review summaries. All the reports will still be available and only the last review will be kept as a standard review.

Please note that this feature is only available when you have 4 or more reviews.

To compress your client file do the following:

  1. Save the client file and you will receive the following pop up.
  2. Read the pop up description and click ‘Yes’ if you would like to continue with the compression. If you say ‘No’ then the file will be saved with no compression.
  3. Once you have clicked ‘Yes’ you will see that all the old reviews are removed besides the last review as seen below.
  4. Restart the Mi-Plan application or re-open the client file. This will load your old reviews as review summaries.
  5. All your old reports will be available in the review summaries.
  6. When you next do a review it will start the review from the most recent review.

    Note: The last review should not be deleted as it is the reference for the next review.

Remember that Mi-Plan has a backup folder (\Documents\Mi-Plan\MI-PLAN\Backups) where a copy of all client files are saved. This is a safety net in case something goes wrong with the conversion process.