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The features of the Mi-Plan Windows Application

Mi-Plan assists you by illustrating the impact of the choices that you are considering on  your investment plan. It provides a framework for you to visualize your investments performance going into the future. Logo

The home page of the Mi-Plan application has  everything you need get started. Updates and news regarding the Mi-Plan application are displayed on the home page.


Mi-Plan desktop application features can be broken down into the following:

  1. Client Details – You can create a new client investment plan by selecting the “Create a new file” icon and adding the client’s details. A spouse can also be added to the client but is not required. Screenshot - 2017-07-07 12.46.49.png
  2.  Product Management – In the Product Management section you will be able to add the client’s investment products. As you add an investment product and edit its details, you will be able to see a visual representation of the product’s projection into the future. Screenshot - 2017-07-07 14.08.05.png
  3. Other Assets , Incomes and Deductibles– Additional Incomes, Assets and Deductibles can be included in this section. Here you can add other investment types that are not available in Product Management section. Screenshot - 2017-07-07 15.44.53.png
  4.  Investment Plan Management – An Investment Plan allows you to create an overall view of your Illustrations, Other Assets and Investments.This allows you to have a big picture view of all your investments.Screenshot - 2017-07-07 15.51.18
  5. Registers and Templates – This allows you to customize Mi-Plan reports as well as to create templates. This is a time saving tool when creating multiple illustrations based on the same underlined data.Screenshot - 2017-07-10 14.49.44.png
  6. Data Library – This is the underlined financial data that Mi-Plan uses in its calculations.Screenshot - 2017-07-10 10.46.45.pngThis section also includes a history of inflation values and JSE indices. Screenshot - 2017-07-11 09.21.31.png

For an in depth tutorial on how to create an Investment Plan and Investment Summary Report in the Mi-Plan Windows desktop application click here.